LSK M3 Assembly Video

The Loudspeaker Kit is a small Australian company making easy to assemble speaker kits for reasonable prices. I recently assembled some of their latest designs, the M3. I made a short video of the process:

Headphone Measurement Data Sources

Selecting audio gear is often done based on recommendations and other user's experience. As I have learned more about audio over the last few years I have found user's impressions to be of less and less (almost none) value to me in my purchasing decisions. I now try to buy

Active surround sound HiFi

I'm getting close to having all of the parts to put together my surround sound hifi system (except for rear speakers). Below is a block diagram of the system described in my last post. The block in pink is the next part that needs to be put together.

My living room audio system

Here is a list of the parts that I'm putting together for my living room system (I don't have a dedicated audio room). The speakers are called Cinem8 and are a custom design by Red Spade Audio (Paul Spencer). I asked for a design that would have reasonable sensitivity, capable